In 2005 the Nike x Diamond SB dunk came out at my local mall skate shop and i remember going in to buy a pair only to be told that some guy came in from the other coast and bought every single pair! I was stunned i couldn’t believe that someone would buy that many pairs of the same shoe. That was my first real live take on reselling.  Today 10 years later i still don’t own a pair of Diamonds and I may never but with this new collaboration maybe I will get a chance. Ronnie Fieg has been creating limited sneakers for a while now and he remembers buying a pair of those now rare SB’s, so for him this was just as much a memory for him as it is to all of us! I like the two brands coming together and bridging a gap between the two lifestyles it can only make things better! Release date is June 19 dont sleep!!