A burger!

Looking at the menu and seeing a burger that is priced above $20 you second guess yourself for a second, but then you tell yourself you have tried twice to come here and have yet to find a seat in the crowded tiny restaurant. So you order it of course with a side of fries with mornay sauce. I sat there in silence and excitement waiting on the Big Mec to arrive. Once it got there I had to take a quick picture of course and then it was full on Guy Fieri mode. I took the first bite and took a second to chew and taste, it was heavenly. It made no sense such a rich heavy burger with little to no acid to cut the fat but that’s what this burger is all about pure gluttony. It was one of the most delicious things I had eaten in my week in LA and I can not wait to go back! Ps sorry for the horrible picture but I was just so ready to eat!

Petit Trois

From Skateparks to Runways



Is this the point of no return? Supreme has been one of the most influential skateboard brands since the small shop opened up in NYC in 1994. Supreme has done countless collaborations from motorcycle helmets with Simpson to cigarette lighters. But this collab is different, this one is for those very few select individuals who can afford a $1200 phone case and $600 skateboard deck. I would love to get my hands on some of those pieces but no way can I afford it.